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Find the right talent = Talent acquisition

Develop the right talent = Build loyalty & retention

Express the right talent = Communicate your culture & brand

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Talent Acquisition / Recruiting

  • Job analysis & descriptions
  • Job postings & follow up
  • Interviewing


  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Benefits, perks, and incentive plan design​
  • Employee appraisal design

External/Internal Communications 

  • Routine communications
  • Forms & invoices
  • Employee handbooks
  • Internal policies and procedures​​

Management / Strategic Management

  • Strategic Management
  • Business Administration

You have a team, but does it divide and conquer?

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Let's say your organization has everyone needed to perform the duties, but your organization underperforms. Everyone is working very hard to carry out their own duties, but month after month the organization doesn't get better. What is wrong, and why aren't you getting the results you so desperately desire?

In sports, each person has a specific purpose, just as they do in your office. You are the leader. You have a salesperson. You have customer service. You have a receptionist. You have someone who does marketing. You have workers who design the product. You have people who make the product... Everyone knows what their own jobs are, and they do them well.

What is the problem?

Let me ask you these questions. Besides worrying about your products or services, who worries about your talent? Who thinks about your culture? Who worries about your strategy? Do your employees (your first string) feel good? Does your first string know where to go? Does your first string get along? Is there communication between the coach and the players? Do your players communicate with each other? Do you worry about the next project, the next sale, or the next problem? Does anyone worry about pay structure, incentives, and vacation time? Who sets performance criteria, and who follows up?

As a small organization, it is not news to you that each person at your office must wear multiple hats. Not only that, but you face the headache of being "head of the department" for every employee there. Unfortunately, you may not know much about sales, design, marketing, or even human resources (HR) for that matter. This can make things incredibly difficult, and upon thought, a migraine to boot.

If you want to be in the national league you have to play good enough to be in the national league, right? Well, as an organization, you need to understand what is holding you back. Are your employees just doing their jobs, and nothing more? Are you creating synergy between all of your first string? Is your organization efficient? What kind of impression does your business leave on customers? Do you have a board of directors? Does the board of directors experience group think (a lack of good decision making in order to keep a harmonious state among its members)?

What are your goals?

Where do you want to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or even 10 years?

Will you get there by doing what you have already done?

Having the right management and human resources available can help tackle all of these problems. In small organizations, HR is usually carried out minimally by leadership. Management may be performed by someone without the right skills, knowledge, and capabilities. Due to time restraints, the basics are generally covered. However, organizations must have a strategic partner at the table. HR can help make your talent more effective. The right manager can propel your organization forward.

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