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"I was amazed at how you presented my experience and talents in a way that the employer would see.  If it wasn't for your expertise I feel I would not have gotten the position I now have. I am now employed at a new job with benefits and a substantial wage increase.  I am confident it was because of the professional resume you created for me." 


"Cassandra, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by your recommendations for my website pages. In our original conversation it was apparent to me you were not knowledgeable in my type of business. Since I live in the special machinery arena I was very doubtful you would have much to offer me that would impress me. I am so glad I gave you the chance. Not only was your response much quicker than I imagined but the quality of the copy you provided made me smile big time. Here is a great big THANK YOU, I will be back for your help in the future!!"


"I've had Cassandra write resumes and cover letters whenever I have been in the market for a new position. I have always received calls for interviews. Cassandra was able to present my skills and abilities in the best way possible, and in relation to the job I was applying for, every time. People hire me for being an expert at what I do. It's worth hiring the writing expert to show interviewers your strengths."



​​One thing is certain whether you are a business, or an individual -

Talent is what it takes to beat the competition.

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